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Board members and trustees, feel confident that the performance of your organisation is reaching its full potential.

Can you say 'Yes' to this checklist?


That the information you receive is sufficient, timely and accurate?

That the composition of the board is diverse, bringing a balance of experience and wisdom which aligns with the organisation's strategic intent?

Processes and procedures reflect best practice?

Your board won't be exposed to influences that could impact on the reputation of its members and the organisation?

You're satisfied that the board can keep up with and manage changing risks facing your organisation?

Your board is prioritising and assessing the effectiveness of its risk management and corporate governance procedures?

Your organisation is engaging with its shareholders and stakeholders effectively?

Your board appreciates and understands stakeholder perceptions of its performance and the level of respect and trust required between board members and stakeholders.

The directors of Boardroom360, Dr Bev Edlin and Nick Dangerfield work with organisations at board and senior management level in assisting leaders to feel satisfied that their organisation is reaching its full potential.
Contact Bev or Nick for an obligation free discussion now. 

Follow these seven steps to good governance

Step One:

Possess the right level of knowledge and ability to make a difference at the board table.

Step Two:

Attract the right balance of skill sets which will assist in achieving the organisation's strategic intent.

Step Three:

Appoint a person to chair who possesses the leadership and facilitation ability.

Step Four:

Set the operational platform, with sound procedures and processes.

Step Five:

Formulate the Strategic Direction and Risk Portfolio.

Step Six:

Test propositions presented.

Step Seven:

Make sound decisions.

The seven 'Cs' of effective Boardroom Behaviour

  1. Chair – Chief Executive (General Manager) relationship
  2. Competencies and Abilities (Gov Team)
  3. Chairmanship
  4. Clarity of Purpose and Roles
  5. Culture, Climate and Processes
  6. Communication
  7. Consideration - Ability to Manage Risk.

Contact either Bev or Nick to discuss how they can assist you with your governance and board practices.