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How are you leading your organisation forward?

Successful organisations reflect the ability of their leader. So what makes a leader more than just a figurehead. Effective leaders demonstrate a unique set of qualities such as:

  • They believe in themselves knowing that they can make a positive impact by adding value to the organisation they serve. They are confident in their own ability.
  • They attract followers around them because others believe in what they say, what they want and what they do. They appear credible as they walk the talk, create a culture where honesty and truth prevails and are able to forge alignments between personal values and organisational demands. They are people-orientated.
  • They know how to get the best out of people by engaging and exciting others to strive to achieve the desired strategic intent. They create high performance cultures.
  • They want their organisation to run smoothly just like a well-oiled machine. To achieve this they become very effective in ensuring the structures and systems are there to support an organisation’s objectives. They are organisation architects.
  • They don’t ask others to do something they aren’t willing to do themselves or does not have an appreciation of how the task has to be carried out as well as what the potential outcomes may be. They are facilitators or coachers.
  • These people provide vision, strategic direction and bring outside-the-box thinking to generate future growth. Being future orientated they drive the organisation forward by being able to imagine then articulate what could lie ahead. They are strategists.
  • They are able to identify and tackle new opportunities, as they thrive on negotiating. They are great deal-makers.
  • They build relationships by delivering on the promises they make. The social adhesive they use by holding individuals and groups together built on the level of conditional trust.
  • They are associated with changing the status quo. They are masters at re-engineering and creating new organizational ‘‘blueprints”. For instance a new CEO often resets the scene within the first three months of taking up the position.  They are change agents.
  • These executives are great influencers and have a considerable impact on their surroundings. They are good communicators.